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Along with the 5-6 books I’m reading (Yes, I’m reading them.  I just have ADHD and start more before I finish others, so I bounce around from one to another til I finish one and add more to the pile. 🙂  What can I say?  It’s how I am.), I’m doing a Bible Study on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Part of this week’s study is talking about what the life of a Christian looks like that is “Crucified with Christ.”  There are 10 characteristics listed and at the end of that part of the study we were asked to share which characteristic most stood out to us.  The one I chose was, “Few will understand.”

From the beginning of my Christian walk (March 1993), it has saddened me the most that many closest to me don’t share my faith in Jesus.  I want nothing more than to know that when I go HOME that ALL of my friends and family will either be waiting on me there or will “meet me when their chores are through.” [I cry every time I hear that song:

– I’m crying now just listening to it to copy the link address here.)

My heart aches for ALL to come to know Jesus – to really KNOW HIM, not know of Him or that yes He exists – BUT to KNOW HIM as a true friend knows another.

By the way, here’s another that makes me bawl every time I hear it: