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I posted this on Facebook originally, Saturday, 01/17/2015


I’m reading ‪#‎KillingCockroaches‬ by ‪#‎TonyMorgan‬ & this really struck me. He’s talking about ‪#‎Starbucks‬ here:
“*Community. ‘Starbucks filled America’s need for a public gathering spot – a “third place,” with home and work being place one and two. This became Starbucks’ community rally cry: It wasn’t a coffee company, but a place for bringing people together through the social glue of coffee.’ Here’s an example of a need that people had that could have easily been filled by the church. Maybe we’re too focused on arguing about what we’re against instead of being what the church was intended to be in people’s lives.”

When people would rather congregate at Starbuck’s or other place “where everybody knows your name, & they’re always glad you came,” we’re failing as a church. When we as the body of Christ have become a picture of boredom & irrelavence (sp?) & convey that through our individual church bodies we have a problem. When who gets to serve the food, pick the color of the carpet/wall, or when our next pot luck will be, become the only things we worry about & things we argue over, we have LOST sight of our MISSION.
We are to LOVE God & LOVE people. Jesus came to seek & save the lost. That is our mission as HIS body. We are to “go & make disciples.” We are to “seek first the kingdom of God.”
We have to get back to the first things, our first “LOVE.”