A lot has happened since I last posted.  I’ll make no promises here about my schedule for posting, as my focus now needs to be on my books, but I plan to post more regularly.

My main focus as of late has been in helping some ministries get off the ground and trying to make a difference in DeSoto County, MS.  A couple of years ago I was at a human trafficking awareness conference in our area that was being put on by Express Missions International ( http://www.expressmissions.com ) and met a man who was talking about God calling them to start a safe house for those rescued from human trafficking in our area.

They were expecting it to take a long time for the paperwork and non-profit status to be completed, but it took a very short amount of time, and 51 South Foundation was born .  51 South houses those rescued as well as provides the necessities of food, clothing, toiletries, etc., and also coordinates counseling, rehabilitation, and job training.   ************  http://www.51south.org/           FACEBOOK: http://www.51south.org/

Not long after 51 South began to organize another group call R3 the Movement (Reach Rescue Redeem) began to gather their paperwork to file for their non-profit status.  R3 actually does a lot that I don’t even understand yet.  Some of their main functions are to support 51 South by providing the essentials in the form of a backpack full of goodies when the girls/ladies are rescued. (This is where I come in, but more on that later.)  R3 also is a voice in the community as well as in the government:  bringing awareness, coordinating internet safety classes, and promoting legislative measures to help the victims as well as to inhibit and kill the machines feeding the human trafficking industry.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING is quickly overtaking Drug Trafficking as the largest source of illegal income WORLDWIDE.  It’s renewable/reusable, you don’t have to grow/acquire more. . . . . It’s gaining momentum and has to be stopped!!!

These organizations are making a difference right here in our own backyard.  Once rescued, these ladies have nothing but the clothes on their backs.  That’s where I come in.

I am the coordinator for the Backpacks to Freedom for R3. (REACH. RESCUE. REDEEM.)
We have lists and flyers we use for drives.
The tri-fold (2 documents-inside and cover) is probably the best one if you’re going to share/handout.  It has the list of all the items we put in a backpack.
There is one for the bulletin board.
The 5-page packet is information for you about what R3 is.
If you are interested in doing/coordinating a drive to make a difference here in the  DeSoto County / MidSouth area please send me a message using this link:  http://www.r3themovement.org/#!contact/cbys  
We need Backpacks year round.  We give them to the girls at the safe houses as well as through local law enforcement.
You can see more about R3 on the website:  www.R3theMovement.org
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/R3themovement
Help us make a difference for those trapped in this modern-day slavery.
Each of the websites above have a link where you can securely donate.  All funds go directly to help those in need, NOT into the pockets of the coordinators.  We are all volunteers who work without salary.  We just want to make a difference.  Join us.