I’m testing out a new thing today. I’ve borrowed a friend’s Surface, and I’m using it to type this blog. I’m used to real keys and a larger keyboard. I’m having a hard time with the space bar and the keys I hit with my ring fingers. I really like the portability though.


I like to use DropBox for storing my work. It was fairly easy to find and download the app – though it’s not the full version. Once we got it downloaded it’s not as user friendly as the full version. It took a bit for my friend to help me figure out that you can’t save something directly in the DropBox App. You have to save it to the device first, then upload it to the app. I bit tedious, but do-able for the portability.


What are your favorite writing tools, and why? What devices, apps, utensils, spaces, methods, music, coffee, atmospheres, are most important to your creativity/productivity?


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This is an invaluable tool & time-saver for me.

Many times I know what I’m looking for or even generally where to find it, but can’t put my finger on it.

This helps so much.

There are also Reading Plans available, including:

a One Year Bible, and a

One Year Chronological Bible I’ – this one is my favorite

for my own personal reading, it gives me a better understanding of the BIG picture.