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So many want “fire insurance”. “Sure I don’t wanna go to hell, but don’t make me change my life. I like doin’ this stuff.”


You can’t have a little Jesus, like you’re adding salt to your favorite meal. He’s ALL or NOTHING!!! You can’t have a Savior without a LORD. As I explained to my kids, He’s gotta be the “boss” of your life if you’re gonna have a relationship with Him.


JESUS DIED to pay for your sins, so you don’t have to pay for them yourself by going to HELL when you die. He has your best interests at heart, I think He proved that by dying for us all while we were still sinners. He’s CRAZY about you and wants you to feel the same way about Him.


Francis Chan said, “If your momma don’t know that you’re saved, then your not.” Don’t put this off. You’re not promised your next breath, much less tomorrow. You’re gonna spend eternity somewhere. It’s your choice where. What’s it gonna be Heaven or HELL? If you choose to not choose, you’re choosing HELL.


Jesus died for you. You want a savior? Then accept what He did to pay for your sins, ask for forgiveness, and ask Him to take over and be LORD of your life. Join a local Bible believing, Bible teaching church and learn all you can about the ONE WHO loves you so much that HE died for you.


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