There are several catch phrases that I have used with my children since they were tiny.


  • “Life is HARD. Get used to it.”
  • “Life’s NOT FAIR. Get used to it.”
  • “Don’t just SAY’Yes, Ma’am,’ DO ‘Yes, Ma’am.'”

As well as many Biblical principals that I repeat often:

  • “If it’s not immediate obedience, it’s disobedience.”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Kids: “But why?”  Me:  “Sometimes, it’s just because I said so.”
  • “Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Let your ‘yes’ mean ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ mean ‘no.'”
  • “Be careful the company you keep. (Using a saying a Pastor friend says.) ‘If you’re hanging with monkeys, you’ll swing from trees.  If you lay down with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas.'”


The first one in this second list has come back to bite me this week.  I have realized recently that if I don’t like the idea I tend to argue, rationalize, suggest better ideas, etc.  God is gently reminding me HE doesn’t need my help or suggestions; HE wants my obedience, even if I don’t like the situation or understand any of what’s going on.  Just obey.

I expect it of my kids.  God expects it of me.